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         Shandong Lunan Datong Machine Co. Ltd is located in Tengzhou Economic Development Zone in Shandong, from Beijing Fuzhou Tengzhou
South exit is only three km. Tengzhou City Department of Machinery Industry Association vice president of units, Zaozhuang city 100 safety
One of the production enterprises, standardization, quality association, the predecessor of Tengzhou Lunan Machine Tool Factory was established.
In 1952, in 2002 the company was founded in Shandong Shandong earth Machine Co. Ltd.,2015
The establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Yutong heavy machinery limited company relying on Shanghai port products exported to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia
And other countries and regions.
The company mainly produces BY, BC60 series, X61/63/64 series of planer milling machine, drilling and milling machine ZX series
ZQ series radial drilling machine, CK series CNC lathe, XK series CNC milling machine, high speed motorized spindle, etc.. product
Excellent quality, reasonable design, economic and practical by many new and old customers, the company set of scientific research, development
And manufacturing in one, the existing scientific research personnel more than and 40 people, technical secondary school or above 100 people, the staff more than and 400 people. main
Production equipment and testing equipment with Germany imported guide rail grinding, imported three coordinate measuring instrument, imported laser interference
For all kinds of production and testing equipment more than and 200 units.

     Company to pursue a brand name brand to do the quality strategy, strict implementation of ISO9001-2000 standard quality
System certification. Scientific management, integrity management, service in place, and harmonious development is our constant guidance.
The company has always been adhering to the "customer first, price appropriate, abide by the contract," the purpose.
    "Synthesizer, the world; Datong Shandong Lunan Machine Tool Company sincerely to create value for customers.

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